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I have been collecting lightly used tinfoil since I came to Germany in 2014. Have washed each piece and used it as my medium of art. In Germany I don't have help like I do in Pakistan, so I have to work in the kitchen. This creative process started in the kitchen. But then while cycling in Germany, I found a wheel cap by the roadside, next day when it was still lying there I picked it up and used it in my installation.

I made three versions of this installation, 2 in Germany and one in Pakistan. I love photographing this work with trees especially in the woods and forests. This contrast of toxic aluminium and the organic trunks of trees interests me. A forest is the best gallery in the world for my art. I install this work with utmost care so that not a single action from my part hurts the majestic tree. The whole installation weighs less than 2 kgs, which is all made from recycled material . I hang it from a fishing wire tied around a tree trunk. When I am done the wire is removed and everything is packed in a carton and loaded on my bike and I head home. But is that enough?

While I was working on this piece I had in mind this beautiful qoute by the environmentalist Bill McKibben "We, all of us in the First World, have participated in something of a binge, a half century of unbelievable prosperity and ease. We may have had some intuition that it was a binge and the earth couldn't support it, but aside from the easy things (biodegradable detergent, slightly smaller cars) we didn't do much. We didn't turn our lives around to prevent it. Our sadness is almost an aesthetic response - appropriate because we have marred a great, mad, profligate work of art, taken a hammer to the most perfectly proportioned of sculptures."

In the end does it really matter to Mother Nature whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jew , black or white, woman or man, arent we all participating in the unending destruction of beautiful Mother Nature?