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In my quest to find the higher purpose I found that my art is meaningless if I don't use it for children. It was after the tragic incident of 9/11, that I developed Amai -- the bird of light , a cartoon character for children, it is a magical bird made of light, that can turn into a shooting star and take children on exciting adventures around the world . The idea is to use Amai as a vehicle with children to promote values of humanism , pluralism and diversity.

My art is a tool to connect with those who perceive me as the 'other', all I can do is to share the beauty and love I found in Pakistan. Yes there is darkness but there is some light too. So I made a multicoloured scarf , which is nearly 100 feet long.It is Amai’s Mural of Love’ .

Through all the riot of colors in 'Amai’s Mural of Love’ I promote the beauty of my Pakistani heritage, my hopes and dreams for a saner and a more humane world for children.The dots in my paintings are inspired by Traditional handicrafts from Pakistan but they also echo the Aboriginal paintings from Australia that I love so much. At a subconscious level we are all connected. I just hope and wish that my art can be those connecting dots to humanity. That is the higher purpose of my art that I am searching for all.
I have shared this mural not only in Pakistan but in my own humble way in many parts of the world.This mural is especially made for children but it has been exhibited in a group show in Munich, Rome and Budapest.

Mural of love is a non verbal picture book made of cloth. The images are to inspire children to create their own stories. The display of this mural is also followed by a presentation on ' Promoting Peace through art and literature' in colleges and universities or art workshops with school children where they write and illustrate their own books of love.
The mural is 100ftx5ft long.