Fauzia Minallah
Detail of ´Another pretty net for tiny mosquitoes'Another pretty net for tiny mosquitoesAnother pretty net for tiny mosquitoesAnother pretty net for tiny mosquitoes Pretty net with a beautiful backgroundThe shadow of the netPretty net for tiny mosquitoes
Mosquito nets
For my latest work I use the mosquito nets I bought in Germany. Taking photos of this work in different countries and places I travel are very important to me. I was in Germany because I wanted my son to finish his school in a peaceful environment. In 2015, while I was installing mosquito nets on the windows to keep annoying insects away, there were countries keeping humans away from entering. I could´nt help but think about the thousands of people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean sea to get their children to safer places. To me these humans are like mosquitoes , either they are kept away or crushed.
I painted most of these panels while I was waiting for the approval of my visa to the country where both my sons are studying. I have not experienced violence myself but the violence of constant wars have influenced my identity. I have also become a mere stereotype of the people who are the targets of wars. In the past 2 years I witnessed the refugee crisis , it was painful to see these broken hapless people taking risks to come to Europe especially Germany. The Mediterranean has sucked so many lives, I wondered how many of the nearly 30,000 people whose bodies were washed up on the shore were women? How many were children? But those who do reach Germany are they able to find peace here? How many more young girls will be killed here by their own fathers or brothers for being too Westernised? Or how many women will face the hatred of those who dislike the color of their skin?