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Darakhtoan mey chuppi betyan- Girls hidden amongst trees
Darakhtoan mey chuppi betyan- Girls hidden amongst trees
Acrlics on canvas
89x135 cm

My guest of honour , my dear friend Kishwar Naheed, the leading feminist poet and writer of Pakistan calls me a few days ago that she has written a special poem for my exhibition, 'Trees of Life - An ode to the feminine spirit of forests'. One day earlier I had visited her office at Hawwa crafts and described my feelings and thoughts while working on my latest paintings in Islamabad. The same day she went home and started writing the poem. At 8 p.m at night she finished it and according to her ,tears were rolling down her cheeks, while she was writing the poem .As usual I dont have a title, I only have feelings and thoughts while painting. So for these two paintings my Kishwar apa gave me the title ' Darakhtoan mey chuppy betyaan ( Girls hidden amongst trees).' In this video she is only reciting the first stanza, at the exhibition she will recite the full poem ( that is if and when it happens).Now as an artist I have a very different path than majority of artists these days. This was a very important exhibition for me. I am naturally devastated that it is cancelled many exhibitions are still going on. While I was in Germany Italy had stopped the travel from one part of Italy to the other, while Germany had no travel ban at that time. Till yesterday life was normal in Pakistan. But I am relieved it has lifted a heavy burden from my chest, I really was not sure how to respond to this situation. Although I am heart broken at the cancellation, but that is life - enjoy every moment of beauty even in the times of Corona virus. What is more beautiful than Kishwar apa writing a special poem for me.